About us -

Our Founder Robert Banks ([email protected])

The investment culture in Canada and the US lags far behind other countries. Many people do not know how to invest profitably in shares as an alternative to interest-free savings accounts and are afraid of losses.

With we want to make a contribution to advance the share culture in the US area. We want to give you, as a private investor, all the tools you need to control the risks and achieve an above-average return on your invested capital in the long term.

Our mission is to make personal finance as easy as possible. And in such a way that you can do it yourself. With well-researched guides, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and concrete product recommendations you can rely on.

How we finance ourselves is completely free of charge for you. This is important to us, because we want to reach as many people as possible. We finance our extensive work with so-called affiliate links to providers recommended by us. Affiliate links are standard in the online industry. If you click on one of these links and then possibly become a customer, receives a fee for this. In this way, you contribute to being able to finance itself.

At, however, we handle affiliate links differently than other websites. We only link to providers that have previously been recommended by our independent expert editorial team. To ensure that our recommendations are NEVER influenced by whether or not we receive compensation, we have clear rules about the process:

  • First, our expert editorial team takes a close look at a topic. Is it worthwhile? What are the pitfalls? Which providers are on the market? How good are they? In doing so, our experts work according to our strict editorial code.
  • Together with our scientific director, we then review these results: Is what our experts have worked out really objective? Are the underlying calculations free of errors?
  • If so, the results are published on our site. In doing so, we always transparently disclose how we come to a certain result, e.g. why we find a product good and recommend it to you.
  • Only after the publication of the recommendation, our affiliate department approaches the recommended product providers and offers them a link, for which we are then compensated. If the provider does not want this, we recommend him anyway. Just without a link.
  • If we link a product recommendation, we clearly mark this link with an asterisk.
    Of course, it happens that providers change their products and, for example, significantly increase their prices. That’s why our experts regularly check their recommendations. If a product is no longer as good as it should be, we withdraw the recommendation and delete the link – even if this means financial losses for us.
  • This kind of funding helps everyone: You get well researched information and independent product recommendations for free. Suppliers of good products get new customers. And our experts can do truly independent research without having to make any compromises.

These rules also apply to our comparison calculators and to the use of our seal, which allows companies recommended by us to refer to this recommendation.