XTB Review

On XTB, traders can trade real stocks and pay a 0% commission. They invest in the most successful companies, such as Apple, Amazon and Tesla. X Trade Brokers is one of the world’s leading Forex and CFD brokers. XTB provides traders with straightforward and instant access to hundreds of financial markets around the world. This online broker scores with a clear platform and a wide range of financial products, such as stocks and ETFs, which promise high returns when trading. Based on the XTB broker experience, XTB offers top service around the clock and the basic requirements for successful ETF and CFD trading. In this article we compile the main advantages, strengths and XTB experiences as well as the offers and services of X Trade Brokers.

Why should you trade through XTB Broker?

XTB works ceaselessly to improve its own trading platform and adapt it to the needs of traders. The highest level of security and protection of investors is provided by the largest regulatory bodies, which also controls and regulates X Trade Brokers. In recent years, the online broker has managed to become the award-winning trading platform that helps its clients trade on a daily basis.

The company was once founded in Warsaw and today it has managed to gain international influence. The XTB Depot is available to customers in Germany in German and shares its many years of experience with active traders and newcomers. Thus, it is possible to test yourself on the XTB portal with a free demo account and, starting from the first risk-free experiences, to use your own assets specifically in stocks and bonds.


Who or what is XTB?

XTB has an experience of over 15 years and is today the fourth largest CFD and Forex broker listed on the stock exchange. The company has offices in over 13 countries around the world, which include Germany, the UK, France and Chile. Its key strengths include its wide range of financial offerings and high-quality technology. These strengths at XTB are trusted by more than 220,000 customers. The employees do everything they can to make xStation one of the largest and most successful trading platforms. At the same time, XTB has developed a trading app that has the essential functions.


What trading instruments does XTB offer on the online platform?

XTB aims to specifically improve the trading experience of its customers. You have access to the global financial markets and can invest your money in the following financial products:

ETF savings plans

With xStation, XTB has developed a platform that helps all clients manage Forex positions. Opening an account takes only a few minutes. You can trade CFD on 48 currency pairs with this provider. The most popular currency pairs include eur USD and GBP USD, as well as AUD USD.


CFD Trading: Trade CFDs with XTB Stocks

The CFDs are the Contracts for Difference or the contracts for difference. This refers to the agreement that has fallen between a trader and the XTB broker on the price developments in the underlying assets. CFDs are leveraged derivatives and maximum leverage of 30 to 1. Traders benefit from falling and rising prices when trading CFDs at XTB. Variable spreads and different asset classes offer traders a wide range of choice when trading CFDs.

CAUTION: The risk of losing money is not to be dismissed when trading with CFD. Start CFD trading with an XTB demo account and take advice in the live chat or by e-mail, so as not to make too high losses and learn about Forex trading.

Stock CFDs are also derivatives. This means that you do not own the underlying assets, but speculate on the fall and rise of prices via XTB broker. For example, if you buy 1,000 shares of Commerzbank and the current share price is 12.80 euros, the amount of the total investment via XTB would come to 12,800 euros. In addition, there are the commissions and the fees that are incurred individually for the respective transactions between the XTB broker and the stock exchange. In return, customers receive a share certificate. This is a legal document that confirms your ownership of the CFDs. Accordingly, you have a physical proof in your hands and take a tidy profit in the best case.

Potentially, CFD trading clients benefit from the same movements of the stock price – online you can manage and control your position at any time. Compared to traditional trading, you can make CFD transactions faster at XTB. However, you should keep in mind that the lucrative profits in trading can just as quickly turn into the opposite. The broker XTB from Frankfurt am Main recommends from therefore alone its users to first put virtual money with a demo account.

ETF CFDS trading on the trading platform XStation

Among the first decisions on the XTB trading platform is the amount of trading volume for the respective positions. At the broker XTB from Frankfurt am Main, there is a detailed report and guide on what you should consider when choosing bonds and the investment amount. Per account, you have a certain amount of initial assets with the demo account. This is digital money that you can not withdraw cash to your account. Based on the XTB test, these demo versions have proven to be extremely viable to test out the features and not put some of the assets at risk for this.

Trading assets depends on the risk aversion of shareholders and your own emotional well-being. This is how XTB combines wealth management with risk management. So you should understand how the trading volume can affect your future financial decisions. The volume that the client sets determines the coverage, which in technical language is called margin, as well as the value of the pip.


XTB Experience: How to open a margin at XTB broker?

For a trade, you need a certain amount of security. This is called margin or cover in the trading language. This area is not part of the actual costs. The amount of money is frozen, so to speak, as soon as customers open a position. The XTB broker keeps the margin until the transaction is completed. Before that, it is necessary to determine how much the margin amount is when trading through XTB. This will help you determine the actual risk associated with trading. In addition, you can determine whether you have enough left from the remaining financial resources to open other positions through XTB.

This is particularly interesting in the case of CFDs, because these only take up a fraction of the nominal value. This then allows you to open multiple positions with a lower stake. The maximum leverage is allowed at this XTB broker at 1 to 30. This in turn equates to 3.33% of the nominal value as margin so that you can execute a transaction via XTB. The typical leverage in trading is 1 to 30 anyway, so it is possible for the customer to achieve a higher return on the capital invested. However, at the same time, the risk of losing the money completely increases. You should always be aware of these dangers. Anyone who has no or little experience with CFD trading should in no case start with the bonds in this area at XTB.

An example calculation for margin on XTB

Let’s discuss the whole thing with a simple example and the most popular currency pair GBP USD with one lot and leverage set at 1:30. At this point, however, we do not know what the nominal value per lot is. You can find all the necessary information when trading directly on the broker for each financial instrument. Through this transparency and overview, XTB makes trading easier for its customers.

In this case, we arrive at a nominal value per lot, which is £100,000. If you now set the leverage at 1 to 30, you only need a margin of 3.33%. In this case, this would correspond to £3,333 if you want to complete a transaction with one lot. It is a basic principle in CFD trading that no trader or client should enter into a transaction with a margin that is greater than 30% in relation to their own capital. This is what years of experience have shown.

Take this formula also as a principle to avoid taking too high risks when trading CFDs through this provider. To be on the safe side, you should check where the maximum margin is when opening the transaction. Otherwise, you run the risk of not following the rules. If you keep to the extremely strict rules of risk management at this broker, you will also increase your chances of success in increasing returns and profits.


XTB Experience: What influence does the pip value have on XTB trading?

A second important factor in this area is the pip value. You should definitely know this value if you are in a safe risk management area . Thus, it is useful to know what the impact on your financial portfolio is if, for example, the market changes by 100 pips against you or in your favor.

Go to the itemized statement online on the broker’s website and read up. Then you can access the most important information about a financial instrument. If you want to calculate the pip value for a lot, take the nominal value per lot for this and multiply it by the size of a pip. You always specify the value in the respective currency, for example in US dollars or British pounds or euros. For example, if we have a nominal value of 100,000 and 0.001 pips, you multiply 100,000 and 0.001 to come to ten US dollars in the end.

So what does this mean as an example for trading on XTB? Let’s assume you open a transaction on the currency pair British pound and US dollar with one lot. The market changes by 100 pips in your favor. In this case, you make a profit of $1000 by multiplying $10 by 100 pips. With this simple calculation you can quickly determine where the maximum profits and losses are and in this context you can also set the stop loss. By setting this function, the depository will stop the position if it falls below a specified level range. This is to protect you from unforeseen losses.

XTB scores with enormous advantage in this area, such as with the privileged Pro model. Here, only 0.1 pips of fees are incurred per trade. You still have to calculate plus the other costs. You should have realized at this point that with knowledge of the individual technical terms and size values, you can much better assess when to invest which amount in which stocks and bonds. XTB helps its customers at every point with tutorials and guides as well as explanations. After all, the point is to specifically form your money and learn from the XTB experience.


Broker XTB program – Metatrader 4

We do not have to tell you at this point that their success as a trader begins with the right trading platform. X Trade Brokers have made it their business to develop their own system that makes it easy to start trading. Customers can enjoy an innovative and easy-to-use trading platform designed according to your needs. Meanwhile, XTB has already received many awards for this. A quality feature is the fast and uncomplicated order execution and the simple and intuitive design. After a few small instructional videos, even beginners should be able to effortlessly find their way around and watch the stock prices.

A multi-award winning team of analysts create the overview in a user-friendly board, which you access via desktop or from your smartphone. The trading calculator provides an overview of all costs and profits before you open a position. You trade all financial products through one platform without ever losing track. For this, X Trade Brokers relies on the operation of a single trading account and more than 4000 financial products. In X Station you can see the chart. This can be customized to your individual preferences, depending on which bonds and stocks you have purchased through XTB.

At X Trader Brokers you can quickly change your settings, because in the dashboard of the financial control center you can not really miss anything. Come to one of the largest listed Forex and CFD brokers there is in the world. The company may not have imagined that it would have such a global impact either, when it was founded back in Warsaw. But today, this provider scores with its clients with the strengths you would want from an international market maker.


What are the advantages of Metatrader 4?

If you want to trade without distractions, you will probably choose Metatrader 4. The MT4 platform is supposed to make trading easier than ever before. You analyze all financial instruments in a few moments and automate trading. This makes it even easier for experienced and inexperienced clients to regularly rake in high returns without having to worry about your trading account 24/7.

Metatrader 4 is used for technical analysis, among other things, and to be one of the first to identify trends. In this program you set the entry and exit points individually and define stop loss and limit. This way you can prevent losing all your assets in one go. That is why MT4 is one of the most used programs for trading platforms, appreciated by clients all over the world.

MT4 is their strategy tester at XTB and can improve the automatic trading systems – EAs for short – for its clients in a straightforward and fast way. You have the possibility to perform back-tests for the respective strategies to find the best option for your trading at XTB.Benefit from the numerous solutions within the MQL4 community that are offered with automated trading through this broker.

The xstation 5 at XTB

This is an award-winning trading platform of the latest generation. xStation 5 works intuitively and can be fully customized to your needs. In addition to technical analyses, you can use numerous statistical tools with xStation 5, such as an ETF or a stock scanner that performs professional market analyses for XTB. Get access to numerous tutorials and training videos and train yourself to become a successful trader with years of experience.

You can open your free demo account at XTB today. To do so, simply fill out the form on the website and then start trading on xStation 5 – The best thing: It doesn’t cost a cent with this broker.

xStation 5 was awarded Best Trading Platform by the online Personal Wealth Awards in 2016. As a thank you, XTB gives 10,000 euros of virtual capital for each customer and each new demo account registration per account. Based on the current XTB test, every customer per account is left with two different options to use the innovative platforms. Thus, there are xStation 5 and Metatrader 4 at XTB. From an in-house development, it is actually completely irrelevant how much experience you bring. XTB scores with a rich repertoire and an easy-to-use platform designed for any trader.

CAUTION: Nearly 80% of all small investor accounts lose money trading CFDs with this provider as well. You should think carefully whether you can afford this risk at all, even with XTB. Always use for trading only the part of your assets that you can really spare and do not upload too much money with the broker.

Pros / Cons
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The Trading Academy: XTB experience and learn

The Trading Academy is the educational area at XTB. Part of this area are the lessons and content from the trading area. This includes eBooks, recordings of past webinars, articles and other topics that XTB offers and provides free of charge to new customers as well as active traders. According to the XTB experience, the teaching units are classified as follows:


Alternatively, you can be displayed in the Trading Academy according to the topics or the lessons. For each topic, the expert editors publish a detailed article and a video in the Trading Academy. In this way, you can specifically expand your XTB experience. To test the learned knowledge in practice at the broker XTB, you must then open a live account or you test the demo version of the X Trade Brokers.

XTB has compiled a trading encyclopedia for its customers, which gives you the chance to look up unknown terms.


Step-by-step guide: Open a live account with XTB

You will be redirected to the registration in a few steps starting from the home page. This is about opening a securities account with the broker XTB. For this, the CFD broker asks for the investor’s email address and sends you a confirmation email with a link in the next moment. From there you will get to the step-by-step creation of the account at X Trade Brokers.

You will lose money if you hastily deposit cash into the account and then speculate on stocks and bonds whose function you do not know or cannot estimate. When trading, you should not take too high risks if you could not live with a loss.

Attention, if you want to access the full features of the Trading Academy, you should open a free demo account at XTB. You will not take any risk with it and you can extract your advantages when trading CFDs and take regular returns. If you want to deposit cash, convert this demo account into a real account. XTB offers its new and experienced traders regular offers and discounts for this, which will make it easier for you to get started. You will not lose any time in trading if you immediately proceed with the broker test on the trading platform and follow the steps of XTB to the final trading account. Of course, this account also works for mobile trading on your smartphone.


Which XTB account suits me?

At XTB, there are different account types, which are based on the XTB experience of traders. In the standard account, XTB offers CFDs on commodities, forex, stocks, indices, ETF, cryptocurrencies and real stocks. In total, more than 4,000 tradable instruments are available to every customer on the trading platform. Traders set the maximum leverage for CFDs at 1 : 30 with a minimum order size at 0.01 lots. XTB offers its customers a free standard account opening and use of AgendaTrader and xStation. The fees for traders in Germany are 0.08 percent and a minimum of 8.00 euros for the standard account. If the monthly turnover through the XTB broker does not exceed 100,000 euros, traders pay 0 percent commissions for shares and ETF savings plans.

Tip: Download the PDF with the complete list of fees and commissions directly from the X Trade Brothers website. This way you will always keep track of your expenses and fees when trading CFDs.


Is X Trade Brokers custody account suitable for professional traders?

For the beginners and the newbies, XTB offers an appropriate entry level section, but the X Trade Brokers team has by no means failed to target its professionals. A professional client has the chance to set a maximum leverage on CFDs to 200 to 1, at least for the most important currency pairs such as Euro and US Dollar. For the most important indices such as DE30 and gold, the maximum leverage is also 200 to 1. Other commodities such as oils, for example, you have a leverage in CFDs of 67 to 1 at your disposal and 5 to 1 for cryptocurrencies. This opens up completely new possibilities for you at XTB as a professional and makes an account with X Trade Brokers so much more lucrative.

You benefit from capital protection via segregated accounts and from a waiver of the margin call. The latter is a legal provision that saves traders from debts with a broker like XTB. For example, if you make a mistake, you can lose a maximum of all your assets in the account with XTB. However, it is not possible to slip into a minus at any time.


Why register with XTB?

Are you still wondering why you should choose XTB as your professional? X Trade Brokers values each and every client as a partner. The employees are there for you and your questions around the clock. Thus, XTB attaches great importance to a long-term relationship and therefore offers you more than 3,000 CFD financial instruments. So it’s not just about opening an account with XTB and then being one of many traders left alone with the market action and bonds. It is about XTB being a trustworthy and regulated broker.

By using advanced trading technology, XTB avoids requotes that can occur in the event of delays between the time of placement and execution of the order. In any case, XTB is all about smooth execution of each or and high satisfaction of all customers who move on the platform.


Get the latest market analysis from S Trade Brokers

Take your opportunity and retrieve the market analyses via XTB. Every day, XTB publishes lucrative promotions on the portal and free news that assess the economic situation and market events in a consistent and timely manner. In addition to breaking news join crypto analysis, which in turn discuss the development of bitcoin after strong sell-offs or key investigations. If commodities fall, currently no clear trenfstruktur for certain bonds can be seen or other stocks in turn rise by several percentage points, you will be the first to know about it on XTB in the market analysis.

These analyses and news are more proof that the X Trade Brokers, not simply a depot have developed, but rather a global platform, which has developed with the lucrative investment for private investors and for active traders with years of experience. You can use much of this information and additional features completely free of charge, even if you have not yet created an account with XTB.


How secure is XTB Broker?

On the portal there is an opportunity to participate in webinars to learn about xStation and the trading platform. Basically, the broker puts everything on the safety of its traders and wants to protect you from losing too much. Nevertheless, there is a huge risk associated with CFD and Forex trading. You lose money if you speculate or do not inform yourself sufficiently about the current market events.

For this reason, XTB uses additional security systems to improve protection on the trading platform. For the Basic account model, for example, XTB uses a guaranteed stop loss. In case of stronger market fluctuations, this guaranteed stop loss can ensure that an order was executed at a desired price. This excludes the possibility of slippage. Of course, a guaranteed stop loss does not cause unnecessary costs, it is only intended to increase safety.

In addition, an exclusion of the obligation to make additional margin is guaranteed. If the deposited capital of a trader is no longer sufficient to cover all his services, you do not have to inject additional capital. Your losses can never exceed the stake. BaFin issued this general ruling for CFDs in 2017, after which CFD brokers had three months to implement this obligation.

The XTB broker founded in 2002 and its headquarters in Warsaw. The broker is regulated by the German BaFin as well as the Polish Supervisory Authority for Security and Trade. So, the capital that you invest with this broker is secured by the Deposit Insurance Fund of the State Securities Administration Office in Warsaw. Therefore, all the evidence that XTB Broker is a reputable provider. Client funds are kept separately from the company’s funds. This is to protect their assets in the event of insolvency of XTB.

Due to the regulation of BaFin, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, private deposits are safe and secure from the threat of an insolvent broker.

Customer service: How accessible is the broker XTB?

Five days a week you can reach the customer service over 24 hours. On the trading platform, the professionals answer your concerns and questions. Every trader is assigned a personal contact person who will perform a strategy analysis and assist you at any time. For this reason, it is also possible for beginners to join XTB Broker and speculate. If you have virtually no XTB experience, you should first take a look at the trading platform without depositing any money. For beginners and for advanced traders, there are a variety of offers and training opportunities.

In addition, XTB regularly releases new trading packages on the trading platform, including free eBooks and informative articles as well as the daily news and analyses, the Trading Academy 2.0, the ePaper and recordings of webinars. The XTB professionals are all about educating you and helping you learn more about bonds, ETFs, CFDs, stocks and shares.

X Trader Brokers has a base at Mainzer Landstraße 47, 60329 Frankfurt am Main. You can describe an email to XTB at [email protected]. The response to the e-mail will take one to three days, depending on the volume. You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox immediately after sending the e-mail. Further, there are various service hotlines to help you with the operation and trading:

Account opening: 0800-9872330
Customer service: 069-96759232
General questions 069-24006868
Marketing: 0800-9872330

It goes without saying that at XTB, German-speaking staff will answer the phone and help you through the next steps. Once they have registered, you should always have their login details ready.

Around the clock you can ask your questions and learn more about the features and the stocks. You will lose money if you don’t take advantage of these offers and invest in random stocks while trading without knowledge. XTB offers stock CFDs, live account, fair CFD trading and deposit protection fund from the government securities depository. This makes CFD trading so safe and transparent at the same time.


What is the XTB experience with the trading platform?

XTB or X Trader Brokers is one of the best-known European brokers that specializes in particular in trading forex and CFDs. The regulation of the platform is carried out by BaFin, which XTB has a branch in Germany. Meanwhile, more than 100,000 customers trust the platform – on the trading platform you have access to the web-based, brokers own and MetaTrader 4 platform. One of the highlights X Trade Brokers offers is via social trading. The main focus is on communication between clients. Everything you need to know about the online broker can be found directly on the home page. The XTB Broker experiences are clearly in favor of the active support and also praise the webinars. Here you can share your wealth of experience in terms of CFD trading and the functions of the platform.

In the XTB experiences, some traders also express criticism of the partly unstable platform and the not always optimal courses. In part, the distances for the limits and the stops are set too high and the traders do not have the chance to trade microlots with this CFD broker. X Trade Brothers deal with customer opinions in a transparent manner. This way, you build customer loyalty and increase trust even towards the new customers.


Summary: How good is XTB really?

X Trade Brothers is one of the leading Forex brokers for CFD trading. Trading at XTB is considered to be safe and fast. Whether Forex or CFD, you can reach XTB staff and advisors around the clock via live chat or email. As the best CFD broker, the provider is subject to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin. Traders rate the large selection of financial products, the market maker, Metatrader 4, Forex and CFD, the variable spreads and the XTB demo account just as positively as the returns that arise when trading CFD. With a free account, you can relatively safely place the first orders through the deposit at XTB and invest your assets profitably when trading.

My XTB experience: The broker XTB has been around for some time. There are also good reasons for this. After all, you can trade CFDs and foreign exchange at X Trade Brokers. At the same time, you can also trade binary options. This is an important aspect. After all, you can not practice this form of trading at most brokers in this form. Therefore, the online broker XTB is the first choice for many investors. At least one can enjoy a great variety. In addition, there is a German regulation by BaFin. Thus, a high level of security can be enabled at the X Trade Brokers. With the additional deposit protection, there should be no more doubts about the seriousness of this X Trade broker when using XTB. This is also confirmed by the numerous positive reviews about the XTB broker. Everywhere in the trading forums you can read how good XTB really is.

Interestingly, the XTB experiences show that you can use a demo version. As with many other X Trade brokers, one can participate in an extensive training program at XTB. In this way, one can deepen his knowledge and skills in selected areas at the broker XTB. The demo version helps investors to take their first steps at the XTB broker without any risks. At the same time, this version is suitable for experienced traders who want to create and execute new strategies at the XTB broker.

The standard account can be used by all investors at the XTB broker without any fees. Although there is a premium account, but it is not so interesting for most users.

Deposit opening with the broker XTB

Fortunately, opening a securities account with the XTB broker is simple. In addition, the registration process is based on that of most other X Trade brokers. Those who have already registered for a similar provider will have no difficulties with the XTB broker. For the account opening, you only need to fill out a form, which can be found directly on the website. It must also be said that the XTB broker makes it very easy for new customers.

You do not have to search long until you find the section for registration. Many investors wish that the other X Trade brokers do as well as the XTB broker. At least that is what the numerous positive XTB experiences show. It is important to still enter the address for registration and answer some questions about trading. These questions are about existing knowledge and experience. If possible, you should answer these questions as accurately as possible. In this way, the broker XTB can help the new customer to make the first right steps. If you have entered all the data, a check is made and the customer account is activated at the broker XTB.

Subsequently, the recommendation is to get an overview. In this way, I can familiarize myself with the environment of the broker XTB. Experienced traders recommend beginners to first stay in the demo account to make the first experiences with the X Trade Brokers. The XTB experience shows the following again and again: Many beginners lose money. If they would at least take advantage of the demo account at X Trade Brokers, it would be much easier for them to become successful later.

Furthermore, the first steps lead to the numerous analysis tools and advanced functions. By the way, the web app also makes a good impression. You should use it right away for your mobile device so that you can access your X Trade Brokers securities account on the go. The training courses are an enrichment for every investor at XTB. The XTB experience shows that you should definitely use this offer of the Trading Academy. Traders who regularly watch instructional videos are much more successful later on. This is also due to the fact that these people have built a solid information base at the broker XTB. Subsequently, it is easier for these people to make better decisions at X Trade Brokers.

Overall, the first impression at the broker XTB is very good.

Deposit with the XTB broker

The first deposit into the standard account is very simple. Advantageous for most investors is certainly the fact that there is no minimum deposit. This is particularly convenient. Thus, all investors can immediately make XTB experience. By the way, the broker XTB works together with PayPal. For many traders, this payment service is the first choice. This is also due to the fact that the deposit can be made very quickly. On top of that, you save yourself long waiting times and can start trading with the broker XTB faster.

Furthermore, the XTB experience shows that you do not have to be afraid. After all, the X Trade Brokers has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and is supervised by BaFin. This ensures a high level of security. In addition, investors can look forward to professional and safe trading beidem X Trade Brokers.

An additional deposit guarantee protects customer funds, which makes the numerous investors positive XTB experience. A lot of variety is in the foreground at XTB. Thus, it is not boring at any time.

Trading at the X Trade Brokers

For trading at the XTB online broker there are several options. With a web interface, one can access varied trading instruments such as CFDs and Forex. Thus, one enjoys a high flexibility at the XTB online broker. Familiarization should not be a big problem even for beginners. The CFD broker XTB in Frankfurt am Main works similarly to other online brokers. The broker even allows trading binary options. Furthermore, the trading platform is clearly structured and understandable. The operation is intuitive, which makes the XTB experience positive.

The mobile app of XTB also provides a high degree of flexibility. On the smartphone, the securities account is always with the broker. In addition, you can look at his portfolio at any place and at any time. You can also monitor individual orders and place new orders. This allows for a high level of convenience. In addition, the operation of the XTB app is very simple and convenient. Most investors think that XTB is very customer-oriented and there are hardly any negative aspects. The majority of investors feel safe with the broker from Frankfurt am Main and would not want to leave there again.

The first trading experiences

Getting started trading with the XTB broker is unspectacular. Due to different strategies, one can trade successfully and use the bonus payment. Very gladly this bonus is applied to the binary options. However, one must never forget that this trading business is very risky. In order to be successful here, one should know the market sufficiently and observe it around the clock. For many investors CFD trading and trading in stocks CFDs have become a normality. This is no wonder. Many traders feel comfortable with the broker XTB. Whether they want to trade from 0.1 pips or Forex and CFDs. At XTB, these people will make fewer mistakes. Trading is explained very well to beginners at broker XTB. Therefore, they can make more money and keep the fees low.

The overview of the fees is very good and the transparency is high. The returns are appealing and the withdrawals can be made very quickly. While for most people trading stocks CFDs at XTB is a nice pastime, some people have already decided to earn a second income while trading on the XTB platform.

It can also be said that the returns are appealing. It is not for nothing that many people have withdrawals made. Admittedly, there are no fixed cycles for this. On the other hand, few traders consider their activities trading on XTB as the main income. It should not be like that in the first few months either.

A good tip is to lower your expectations. With a realistic attitude, you will experience fewer disappointments and continue to work on your goals without losing motivation. By the way, beginners and averagely experienced traders are happy if they earn enough money trading on XTB to buy a new washing machine or clothes. Expectations should not be higher in the beginning.

Are there any criticisms?

There is a lot of positive talk when trading on XTB. But what is the catch with CFD trading and trading in stock CFDs on XTB?

If there is something to criticize, then it is certainly the interest rate for the premium deposit. At the beginning it was already mentioned that this account plays a minor role for most investors. Interest is actually positive. However, only some people can benefit from the interest. As a normal user, one will not be able to take advantage of interest. Unfortunately, most investors find this a pity at XTB. With the bonus, it actually also works so that all customers get it. Apart from this shortcoming, XTB is an excellent broker. Another positive thing about XTB is the competent and friendly customer service.

The customer service can even be reached via live chat. This gives you a contact person and you can have your questions answered very quickly. In most cases, these are answered very directly and competently by the XTB employees. There is also a hotline. However, this is suitable for complex concerns.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance


Regulation by the BaFin
Large range of options
Free registration
German speaking customer service
Different account types
Mobile trading
Stop Loss Function
No minimum deposit.
Demo account with 30 days limit
Variable spreads
Extensive teaching offer


Conditions for account types not clear or difficult to understand
Demo account only for 30 days
Bonus payments too different.

Pros / Cons
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The most important facts about XTB
Founded in Warsaw
Branch office in 60329 Frankfurt am Main
German-speaking service, Monday to Friday, around the clock
Regulation in Germany by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
3,000 underlyings
Maximum leverage 1:200.
Security of client funds

The security of trading instruments is primarily guaranteed by the EU Financial Markets Directive. This means that the same requirements apply to all providers within the EU. Trading in Germany is supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. Customer funds are held separately from company funds at Commerzbank. Customers benefit from statutory deposit protection. In addition, the extended voluntary deposit insurance takes effect.

XTB states that client and company funds are kept in different accounts. In addition, the XTB broker has set up a deposit protection fund. As a result, customer funds are protected up to an amount of 20,000 euros.

Trading conditions

Fortunately, trading at XTB is also possible without a minimum deposit. The smallest transaction size is 0.1 lot. The maximum leverage is 1:200. It should not be forgotten that the different account models have different conditions. These are not so easy to understand, especially for beginners. The minimum spread is between 2.0 and 0.1 pips. Thus, spreads starting from 0.1 pips are possible. In addition, other conditions apply depending on the order execution. Not to be forgotten is the fact that a fee of 3.50 euros is charged for CFD trading when opening and closing trades on commodities, indices and foreign exchange.

Trading offer: Large selection of tradable products

XTB offers traders a good opportunity to trade Forex and CFD as well as stocks and ETFs. At XTB, one gets access to 3,000 different trading instruments. This makes the XTB broker stand out from the competition. It is therefore worthwhile to study the selection of the Forex and CFD broker more closely. Fortunately, trading at XTB is associated with a lot of fun. You should by no means try to frantically get into trading just because you want to make a main income at XTB. By the way, the biggest components at the XTB broker are the following:

Foreign exchange

Thereby, stocks take the largest share in the product portfolio. XTB offers over 1,500 different shares. These enable direct market access. The leverage is a maximum of 1:10. The order commissions are 0 percent provided that the monthly turnover is less than 100,000 euros. At the Frankfurt branch, one can buy shares of major market players such as Amazon and Google. Of course, you can also buy German shares. One should know that shares are traded here without leverage. This results in particularly low-risk trading options.

The indices commodities as well as CFD and Forex are traded around the clock. The customer benefits from 35 different indices. Here the spreads are particularly low. At the same time, liquidity is high. The leverage is a maximum of 1:200.

The offer is extended by Forex trading. At the branch in Frankfurt, the investor can decide in which sectors he wants to invest. The broker manages to offer a particularly interesting range. The Forex trading and CFD trading run very well at XTB. The broker stands out from the crowd.

Interestingly, in addition to commodities and precious metals trading, the broker also offers trading in agricultural commodities such as coffee and wheat. Admittedly, these are subject to enormous fluctuations. On the other hand, these trading instruments can be traded with a leverage of up to 1:66.

With its 49 currency pairs, XTB offers customers enough variety. In addition to the classic currencies, the investor can invest in so-called minor currencies such as the Australian dollar.

At the XTB broker, one can also invest in the popular cryptocurrencies. Available on the market at XTB are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash. However, one can only trade these currencies via the xStation 5 platform.

On top of that, the open positions for the cryptocurrencies are limited to 50 lots. Trading is possible at XTB around the clock, seven days a week. Wallets are not necessary. At the same time, the spreads are very low.

Demo account: Free demo account with virtual credit

At XTB, you get a free demo account with the registration. Here you trade with virtual money. The balance is 10,000 euros, which is available for a period of 30 days. The trader can choose account type and trading platform like xStation 5.

The investor gets access to more than 3,000 CFD markets. Furthermore, the investor gets the opportunity to experience trading under real market conditions. Of course, there is no risk involved. Newcomers can thereby slowly approach the real-time trading. By the way, a free demo account is an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn their first steps. In addition, the demo account is used by experienced traders as well. These people design new strategies and test them under real market conditions. In this way, you get a better impression and understand better what will work later and what will not. The new customers can get to know the numerous functions in the XTB demo account and learn how to use xStation 5.

Not only the beginners, but also advanced traders will be happy with the free demo account. XTB unfortunately offers a XTB demo account, which is only valid for 30 days. After that, the beginners have to switch to the live account. XTB in the test has received only average ratings for the demo account. Losing money just in the beginning of the trading career is a big problem for many beginners. An unlimited demo account would help many of these people to develop a solid knowledge and practical skills so that they make fewer mistakes later in the live account.

For this, one has a personal contact person available with the demo account. This person is available for all questions. If you have any questions, you should contact the personal contact person by e-mail.


Bonus – Attractive welcome package

There is no classic bonus. On the other hand, customers can take advantage of numerous different bonuses. Premium customers, for example, earn interest on their credit balance. Depending on the current market situation, Pro customers benefit from a 2-4 percent return.

In addition, you get a variable bonus if you recommend XTB to others. Customers receive a subsidy as part of a cashback program. This takes place as part of spreads and commissions. The amount is based on the amount of trades achieved within a month. The cashback is transferred directly to the customer account.

Trading platform

At XTB you can trade via three trading platforms:

MetaTrader 4
xStation 5
Agena Trader.

By the way, Agena Trader is not for the Basic account. In addition, MetaTrader 4 should be common to most users. It has been around since 2005. On top of that, it is also the most popular trading platform. One benefits here from a classic design and advanced analytical tools. Due to the convenient and intuitive interface, one can customize the client area with numerous extensions. These include, for example, practical charting tools.

Furthermore, there are Expert Advisors, which are virtual agents. If you have some programming skills in MQL4, you can automate certain trading activities. These agents can be given some activities to save your own time.

Currently, the MetaTrader 4 platform is only available for Windows. However, MacOS users can install this program through PlayOnMac. Furthermore, traders can download the MetaTrader Mobile app from the broker. On Android and iOS, trading is just as much fun.

The traders who prefer a web-based trading platform with the broker should go for xStation 5. It was developed by XTB and convinces with a fast trade execution time of only 85 milliseconds.

When trading CFDs, one can benefit from practical instruments on xStation 5. These include:

A detailed trading history
Interactive and detailed charts
Technical analyses.

By the way, one can install the platform on various mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and smartwatches. The additional features such as news, videos, comments and more are very interesting. This allows investors to be positively attuned in their daily trading routine.

The Agena Trader platform is the most advanced one. It looks very professional and has a wide range of features. It is also very easy to use. Standard features are available in the affordable Basic Edition. The Andromeda Edition, on the other hand, offers fully automated solutions. Unfortunately, this software was developed for Windows only. Investors should make use of the so-called Notifier app. This allows them to monitor current news about market events. The Agena platform offers investors a wide range of functions for in-depth analysis of market events. There are available over 100 indicators, seven chart types as well as backtesting.

Opening an account – How to open a trading account

Opening a live account on Metatrader 4 or any other platform is quite simple. The important thing is to complete three steps, which are ideally completed within a short period of time. Thus, XTB offers a systematic process by which even beginners will have no problems to successfully complete their registration.

First, you have to go to the website of XTB. Thus, XTB offers a separate section on the homepage, where you have to decide on an account type. You can choose between a Basic, a Standard and a Pro account. The only differences are in the spreads.

The Basic account has a limited handle. One should also know at this point that the Forex broker provides this account for beginners. There is a table in the XTB test where you can see the limit. During the trading hours, one can guarantee from a stop loss. In this way, you cannot lose more than your invested money.

The standard account is a market maker account. It allows for unlimited trading. This account is suitable for advanced traders who have extensive market knowledge. However, variable spreads starting from 0.9 pips are possible. This option must be activated in advance in the settings.

XTB does not act as a market maker only with the Professional Account (Pro Account). The orders are forwarded here directly to the corresponding markets. However, this is associated with a commission. The fee will be worthwhile but only at the Forex broker if you have a large trading volume. Thus, this account is also suitable only for experienced traders. By the way, low spreads starting from 0.1 pips are also available with this account.

After registration, one has to confirm his identity. Normally, this process is done through a Postident procedure. Alternatively, one can carry out the identity verification at one’s house bank. If the verification is successful, the account will be activated.

Payment options

For the deposit the customer can use the following means:

Credit card
bank transfer.

Very pleasant is the fact that it is possible to deposit with PayPal and Klarna Sofort. This can speed up the payment process. The use of PayPal and Klarna Sofort is also much easier than making a classic bank transfer. Not for nothing is XTB best CFD broker. This is the conclusion reached in a detailed XTB test.

If you want to use the bank transfer, you have to make the deposit to a reference account of the XTB broker. In doing so, one must specify the name of the account holder and the contract number.

Very pleasant is the news that one does not have to pay fees for any deposit method. At the same time, there is no minimum deposit amount. Lastly, one must make sure to provide correct information in the registration for a new account. The personal information or name must be identical to the name of the bank account. This is very important, because many beginners do not take the specification of their personal data so seriously. Problems arise for these people at the latest during the first withdrawal.

Customer service – professional and reliable

XTB can be reached around the clock within the working week. You can reach the friendly and competent staff by phone, live chat and email. The e-mail address can be found on the homepage of XTB. Support in German is available to the investor. This in particular stands out with the XTB broker. Experience shows that most traders take advantage of the telephone support at a broker. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it can help if you think about why you want to contact support in advance. Most of the time, the concerns are very simple, which makes contacting the live chat sufficient.

By the way, the XTB broker has set up a Training Academy. There are several training areas where you can learn more about the trading platform, mobile trading, social trading, maximum leverage, currencies like US dollars and other trading topics in German for free. The eLearning offer is very convincing. Here there are special course units, where you can get theoretical and practical knowledge. With the help of quizzes you can deepen your knowledge.

Customers should also take a look at the knowledge encyclopedia. Customers can learn more about the most important trading terms here. The live webinars round off the training program harmoniously. They take place at regular intervals for customers.

Mobile Trading

Mobile trading is just as important. More and more customers are trading on the move. More precisely, this means while waiting for public transport, at work, at home on the sofa or on vacation. The development of the mobile internet has made it much easier for many people to use apps on the go. Fortunately, the provider XTB is also one of the brokers that provide customers with a mobile app.

A look at XTB’s website showed that there is currently no mobile app. Customers therefore have to manage their account with XTB via a web app. But what exactly does that mean?

A web app represents a website that is optimized for the use of mobile devices. More specifically, it means that when trading XTB you have to log into the XTB website. This is done on the go, of course. In most cases, you only have to do this login once. Then it is enough if you save the customer account as a bookmark.

After that, you can log in again and again automatically. A web app is a website that has been optimized for mobile use. This is also called “Responsive Design”. The problem is that the XTB website cannot be optimized for all mobile devices. While most users feel that they can trade EUR USD currency pairs on the go without any problems. However, some criticisms have already arisen that the font in the web app cannot be read on all mobile devices. Therefore, many traders wish that XTB will launch a mobile app in the foreseeable future. After all, then it will be much easier to invest and trade 10,000 euros on the go.

Conclusion XTB

In conclusion XTB can only be said that it is an excellent and professional platform. With a choice of 3 different platforms and different account types, every trader can pick his suitable platform for Forex trading. It must also be said that XTB has an excellent customer service. Traders can choose how they want to reach the support for questions about Forex and other things. The service staff can be reached around the clock within the week. One wishes that the customer service is easily accessible on weekends as well. However, this is not tragic since the service within the week has a very good accessibility.

The experience of XTB shows that many traders are very satisfied with XTB. This also speaks for the very high professional level at XTB. When trading, beginners can use the demo account to learn their first steps. Investors can invest US dollars to buy other trading currencies or currency pairs. Customers can still participate in the extensive education program to learn more about CFD and social trading. An excellent selection of educational videos on important topics such as CFD, Forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities enhances the trading experience and turns a beginner into a happy customer. In fact, it can be argued that XTB’s trading platform is built in such a way that even beginners will have no problems learning their way around their desired trading platform quickly. With the large and unique selection of platforms, this is not a big surprise.

A German-speaking customer service further ensures that German traders can convey all their concerns to the service staff. Overall, the trading experience at XTB is excellent and most customers describe their experience at XTB as top-notch.

The only thing that some customers do not like is the fact that the demo account is only valid for one month. One wishes here that the beginners and customers can use the free demo account for an unlimited time to be able to test trading with CFD for an unlimited time without risks. Especially when trading with CFD, the customers should first train the trade. Otherwise happens very quickly what happens with many other comparable online brokers: Customers do not get enough experience in dealing with CFD and lose their money within the first month.

Despite this minor criticism, most customers are very satisfied with XTB. Thus, happy customers share their positive experiences in online trading forums. These positive reviews once again confirm the high professional level of the XTB broker.

The experiences speak for themselves. Beginners should definitely try XTB. It is not for nothing that many XTB prospects become loyal customers.

No account fees and low trading fees

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